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Anita Jankowski was a 23rd century Human female. By the late 2250s, Jankowski was a operations division lieutenant serving in Starfleet, assigned as chief engineer aboard the USS Constitution.

During her time aboard the Constitution, Jankowski became romantically involved with First Officer Akira Hirota, and, although they attempted to keep it secret, it was well known by the senior staff. In 2257, she joined the senior staff in the ship's lounge as they welcomed the new helmsman, Lieutenant James T. Kirk, aboard. A short time later, Jankowski spoke to Kirk about Chief of Security Jack Gaynor following an altercation in the rec room.

During the Constitution's mission to investigate six alien satellites in orbit of Sordinia IV, Jankowski and Science Officer Darick Lynch were ordered to beam aboard one of the satellites after the starship took down its deflector shields. After a successful transport, Jankowski started to download information from the alien computers as Lynch set up the transmitter. Seconds later, a back-up defense system activated and Jankowski was killed instantly by an energy barrier, knocking the transmitter with her as she fell. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)


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