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The Ankari are a nomadic species native to the Delta Quadrant.


the Ankari are a reptilian looking species with bony structures on the head and lateral crest projecting horizontally above the eyes.


Some time before the year 2376, the USS Equinox discovered the Ankari homeworld. The crew was provided a meal, a few supplies, even some dilithium crystals. In addition the Ankari performed one of their sacred rituals to invoke spirits of good fortune from another realm to bless the Equinox's journey. The crew of the Equinox took an interest in these "spirits" as their scans revealed that they were nucleogenic life forms and were emitting high levels of antimatter. The Equinox crew then traded an energy converter to obtain one of the summoning devices from the Ankari. the trade proved to be a fatal mistake as the humans on the Equinox began to harvest their "spirits of good fortune" to power their warp drive to reach the Alpha Quadrant at a faster pace.

Somehow their actions did not go unnoticed by the Ankari, as their spirits informed them of their atrocities. In 2376, the USS Voyager sought out the Ankari to negotiate with the nucleogenic life forms. Captain Kathryn Janeway and her crew managed to locate an Ankari ship and hold it via tractor beam. The Ankari captain believed Voyager to be in league with the Equinox and refused to assist them, but after Janeway informed them that they had no part in the Equinox's actions, the captain agreed to summon the spirits, but informed her that she would have to speak to them.

Acting as a translator, the Ankari helped Janeway negotiate a ceasefire between her ship and the spirits, in exchange she would allow the spirits their vengeance of the Equinox. (VOY episode & novelization: Equinox)

Eventually, in late 2375 an Ankari ship was the latest target of the Borg Collective. A scout ship of the Borg attempted to pursue and assimilate the crew, however three Borg that had managed to maintain their individuality, named Lansor, P'Chan, and Marika Wilkarah took the opportunity to sabotage the Borg ship, causing it to self-destruct. They transported to the Ankari ship and asked for asylum. The Ankari grateful for our help, took the escaped Borg far away and did their best to remove their Borg implants. (VOY short story: "Brief Candle") However the removal of their implants was badly botched, causing the three to result in their internal organs being damaged during the procedure and their bodies covered with scars.


The Ankari had access to warp technology, but used a form of propulsion that was difficult for sensors to detect. A good people—gentle that was spiritual, they harbored a great respect for the entitles they termed "spirits of good fortune", from another realm, which they could summon using a summoning beacon.

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