Anne Gauvreau was a female Human in the 23rd century.

At age eight, Gauvreau decided she wanted to command a starship, and as an adult joined Starfleet. By the late 2250s or early 2260s, she held the rank of Commander, and served as executive officer of the USS Yorktown under Matthew Decker.

After Decker was transferred to the USS Constellation, Gauvreau expected to be offered command of the Yorktown; instead, the Yorktown was given to the command of Captain von Holtzbrinck, and Gauvreau was offered command of a small science vessel, the USS Hawking. She protested this decision to the admiralty, but to no avail. She was also offered the XO position on the Constellation by Decker, but chose instead to resign after twenty-one years of Starfleet service.

Upon retirement, Gauvreau purchased her own freighter, the SS Ian Shelton. In 2269, she hired James T. Kirk (then living under the alias Leonard Scott) to join her crew, knowing his true identity, and knowing that he would want to return to the site of the disaster at Talin IV.

Gauvreau owned three cats -- Komack, Fitzpatrick, and Nogura -- named after three prominent Starfleet admirals, whom she kept aboard the Shelton. (TOS novel: Prime Directive)

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