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Annie Rand (born 2267) was the daughter of Janice Rand and an unidentified man. Annie was born in 2267. (TOS novel: The Captain's Daughter)

Janice Rand had become pregnant with Annie as the result of an affair between herself and the unidentified man. Because she believed that it would cause a scandal, Janice Rand decided to leave Starfleet, and did not even disclose her pregnancy to her shipmates on board the USS Enterprise. Two years later, Annie became ill and died due to an unspecified illness. After Annie's death, Janice eventually returned to Starfleet and the Enterprise. (TOS novels: The Captain's Daughter, Ex Machina)

In 2293, when Captain Hikaru Sulu was informed that his daughter Demora Sulu had apparently died, Janice Rand told him of Annie, letting him know that she also knew the pain of losing a child. (TOS novel: The Captain's Daughter)

Note: Great controversy exists concerning the identity of Annie's father. The Captain's Daughter seems to imply James T. Kirk. However, Christopher L. Bennett has noted that this is, in his opinion, highly unlikely, on the grounds that Kirk would not have a relationship with a member of his crew. As such, his novel Ex Machina identifies the father as "a crewmember". Note that this does not necessarily contradict the possibility of Kirk being the father. It is also possible that Annie is the result of Kirk's evil transporter duplicate forcing himself on Rand in "The Enemy Within".
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