Ansed was a female Eerlikka in the 24th century, born on Maryllo Island on the planet Eerlik.

Early in her career, she was a respected scholar, and then entered politics. As of early 2376, she was the First Speaker of the Eerlikka government, and the foremost politician on the planet. That year, Ganitriul, the artificial intelligence world-computer which controlled most aspects of Eerlikka society, suffered a massive systems failure. Ansed accompanied Undlar aboard the Senbolma, a self-operational spaceship, to investigate the problem on Eerlik's moon. However, she was assassinated en route by Undlar, who was secretly the leader of the Pevvni Purists, and the person responsible for the sabotage of Ganitriul.

Ansed was succeeded as First Speaker by Biral. (SCE eBook: Fatal Error)

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