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Known space

Known space map showing Antares.

Antares (or Alpha Scorpii) is a binary star system located in the Antares sector of the Beta Quadrant.

History and specificsEdit

The twin stars that make up this system are referred to as Antares A and Antares B. The system's stars are spectral class M and spectral class B, respectively. (TOS episode: "Charlie X", ST references: The Worlds of the Federation, Star Charts)

It is one of the Federation's most remote systems as well as being its most coreward. (ST reference: Star Charts)

At many points in the vicinity of the Federation, Antares is one of the brightest bodies visible. Shortly before stardate 7502.9, at 0739 hours, the USS Enterprise observed in line-of-sight when Antares occulted Deneb, meaning the two brightest stars visible to their ship appeared to merge. As it wasn't an exciting mission, most of the Enterprise crew attended a viewing of the spectacle. (TOS novel: World Without End)

The system's inhabitants are known as the Antarans, who have spread out across the system from Beta Antares IV. (ENT episode: "The Breach")

The numerous inhabited worlds are politically united as the Antares Corona Worlds, and are represented on the Federation Council. (TOS novels: Death's Angel, Prime Directive) In the 23rd century, the Antaran ambassador to the Federation was an individual named Marmeluke. (TOS novel: Death's Angel)

Starfleet's Beta Antares Ship Yards were in the Antares system. (VOY episode: "Message in a Bottle")

Several Federation starships named USS Antares were named for this system.

One of the planets in the Antares system was Andros. (TOS novel: Yesterday's Son)

Federation space FASA TCMP

Federation space star map.

This system was in the general vicinity of the Cerberus system. (FASA RPG module: Trader Captains and Merchant Princes (1st edition))

Maxwell's chart

Antares shown on a deployment star chart image.

On star charts, this system could be seen to be in the vicinity of Beta Simmons, Altair III, Theta Mees, Janus VI, Eminiar, Theta Bowles, Tsugh Khaidnn and Omicron Ceti. (TNG episodes: "The Wounded", "Yesterday's Enterprise", TNG reference: The Continuing Mission)

In the 2360s decade, this location was noted on a star chart showing deployment of Federation and Cardassian Union ships displayed in Captain Benjamin Maxwell's ready room aboard the starship USS Phoenix. (TNG episode: "The Wounded")

Alternate realitiesEdit

Tactical situation monitor

Antares shown on a tactical situation monitor image.

On a 24th century viewscreen display of a tactical situation monitor in an alternate timeline where the Klingon Empire was at war with the United Federation of Planets in the year 2366, Antares was listed on a star chart showing Klingon allied forces in relation to Federation positions. (TNG episode: "Yesterday's Enterprise", TNG reference: The Continuing Mission)

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Antares was listed on the "Yesterday's Enterprise" alternate timeline tactical situation monitor showing progress of the Klingon war with the Federation, and a later re-use of this chart in "The Wounded".


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