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Antares class, Bajoran freighter configuration.

The Antares-class was a civilian starship type, a carrier, freighter and cargo vessel in service since at least the 22nd century. By the 24th century numerous species, including the Bajorans, operated ships of this type. The vessel was visually recognizable by its elongated conical hull, with appeared like a triangle from above and below. (ENT episode: "Oasis", TNG episode: "Ensign Ro")

History and specifications[edit | edit source]

22nd century[edit | edit source]

A shuttlepod approaches the crashed Kantare ship.

In 2129, a Kantare supply ship, crash landed on an unidentified planet, somewhere en route between Kantare and Kotara Barath. The two Kantare survivors made the wreck their home, growing their own food and building holographic companions. They were discovered by the Earth starship Enterprise NX-01 in 2151. (ENT episode: "Oasis")

When a xenophobic government took control of Xantoras in 2152, an Antares-class transport was among the ships evacuating aliens from the planet. (ENT episode: "The Breach")

24th century[edit | edit source]

As a Bajoran freighter.

On old, impulse engine-propelled carrier was used by the Bajorans in the Valo system in 2368 to reveal the collaboration between Starfleet Admiral Kennelly and the Cardassian Union. (TNG episode: "Ensign Ro")

In 2369, the Bajoran criminal Ibudan claimed to have travelled aboard an Antares-class transport from Alderaan to Deep Space 9. Such a transport was indeed docked at the space station when Constable Odo investigated Ibudan's apparent murder. (DS9 episode: "A Man Alone")

Vedek Bareil Antos traveled from Bajor to DS9 aboard such a transport at least twice in 2370. (DS9 episodes: "Shadowplay", "The Collaborator")

In the 2370s decade, the fleet of the Numiri included Antares-class patrol ships. USS Voyager encountered a pair of these in the year 2371. (VOY episode: "Ex Post Facto")

A Cardassian Antares-class freighter was part of Convoy 6, a convoy mission en route to Pentath III, in 2372. The convoy was attacked by Klingon raiders, and the freighter suffered damage. (DS9 episode: "Rules of Engagement")

In 2374, Kai Winn Adami arrived at DS9 aboard a transport. (DS9 episode: "The Reckoning")

A vessel of this class was part of a Bajoran fleet forming the Blockade of Derna in 2375. The ships of the Bajoran blockade were not warp-capable and no match against the Romulan fleet of D'deridex-class warbirds. Starfleet Admiral William Ross intervened on behalf of the Bajorans to avoid bloodshed. (DS9 episode: "Shadows and Symbols")

Kasidy Yates Interstellar Freight operated Yates' freighter following Kasidy Yates's imprisonment for working with the Maquis in 2373. The vessel docked regularly with DS9 until at least 2375. (DS9 episodes: "'Til Death Do Us Part", "Take Me Out the Holosuite") Yates had returned to commanding her previous ship, the SS Xhosa, by 2376. (DS9 novels: Gateways, Demons of Air and Darkness)

In 2376, a pair of ships of this class hosted spectators during the first annual Antarian Transstellar Rally. (VOY episode: "Drive")

These could be Nuu'Bari ships.

The Nuu'Bari employed ships of this class as mining vessels. In 2377, the Photonic Iden attacked a Nuu'Bari mining vessel, killing its organic crew and recovering mindless mining holograms. (VOY episode: "Flesh and Blood")

In the same year, an Antares-class vessel stuck in the Void anomaly joined Janeway's Alliance, becoming one of four ships to successfully escape the pocket dimension. (VOY episode: "The Void")

This could be a Nuu'Bari ship.

Mirror universe[edit | edit source]

In 2371, Jean-Luc Picard spoke to a Bajoran vedek who was fleeing the Borg aboard a Antares-class carrier. (TNG - Glass Empires novel: The Worst of Both Worlds)

Specifications[edit | edit source]

Specifications between ships of the varied depending on age and operation. While the Kantare supply ship performed interstellar journeys, at least some Bajoran carriers were reduced to impulse speeds. (ENT episode: "Oasis", TNG episode: "Ensign Ro")

In the 22nd century, the Kantare supply ship was several lengths longer than an OTV type K42 shuttlepod. (ENT episode: "Oasis") In the 24th century, the Antares-class freighters operated by the Bajorans were 250 meters long. (The Official Starships Collection Issue 101: "Bajoran Freighter")

The ventral hull bore resemblance to the dorsal hull of Bajoran Bestri-, Janitza- and Ornathia-class starships. (CCG set: Second Edition, cards: "Bajoran Scout Vessel", "Assault Vessel", CCG set: Fractured Time, card: "B'tanay")

A 500 meter long combat vessel, the Amarie-class smuggler's heavy escort resembled the smaller Antares-class carrier. Its hull carried additional weapon ports and wings, and was colored black. (TNG episode: "Unification", The Official Starships Collection Issue 105: "Smuggler's Ship")

In the 2370s decade, the hull material color could indicate affiliation. Bajoran carriers and transports were brown, the Cardassian freighter ochre, and the Delta Quadrant ships dark or black. (ENT episode: "Oasis", TNG episode: "Ensign Ro", DS9 episode: "Rules of Engagement", VOY episodes: "Ex Post Facto", "Flesh and Blood")

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