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For the mirror universe counterpart, see Anthony DeCurtis (mirror).

Anthony DeCurtis was a Human male who lived in the 24th century. He was born in 2348 on New Berlin on Luna to Marie-Therese DeCurtis and George DeCurtis. In the 2370s, he served as a security officer and engineer in Starfleet. (ST video game: Starship Creator)

DeCurtis had interests in rock climbing, orbital skydiving, water-skiing and dom-jot. (ST video game: Starship Creator)

After graduating from Starfleet Academy in 2369, he was sent to Starbase 173 to work in security systems management. (ST video game: Starship Creator)

In 2370, Ensign DeCurtis was transferred to the Office of the Federation President's security detail. Upon a state visit to Parliament, Decurtis stopped an assassination attempt on the President by Romulan operatives. (ST video game: Starship Creator)

Later that year, he was assigned to Deep Space 9. Soon after, DeCurtis worked on security preparations for Paradan peace talks. DeCurtis began to realign the entire security net of DS9 on Benjamin Sisko's orders after Miles O'Brien was replaced by a Parada replicant. (DS9 episode: "Whispers")

In 2374, the ensign assisted the other United Federation of Planets personnel at Deep Space 9 with sabotaging the station prior to its occupation by Dominion and Cardassian Union forces. (ST video game: Starship Creator)

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