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Anthony Mark was a male human Starfleet officer in the 24th century. As of 2375, he held the rank of lieutenant commander, and was assigned to Starbase 92. (SCE eBook: Fatal Error)

That year, he served as liaison between the base's commanding officer, Commander DuVall, and the cryptography team working aboard the station, headed by Dr. Bart Faulwell. The two initiated a romantic relationship during Faulwell's time aboard, one which continued into 2377. (SCE eBook: War Stories, Book 1)

Their relationship continued after Faulwell moved on to other assignments, with Faulwell regularly hand-writing letters to Mark which, after dictating and transmitting the text electronically, he would present in hard copy the next time the two met in person. (SCE eBook: Hard Crash)

In 2376, following the wedding of Esther Silver and Khor, son of Lantar, Mark brought up the idea of he and Faulwell getting married. Faulwell brushed off the idea, causing a rift between the two. Later during the reception, an inebriated Mark kissed Elizabeth Lense, another guest at the wedding. (SCE eBook: Creative Couplings, Book 2)

Mark and Faulwell were estranged for several months to follow. At some point in early 2377, Mark learned of Lense's pregnancy through another source, driving home the idea that Faulwell had cut off all communication. After taking some time on Risa to reflect, Mark wrote to Faulwell asking that they meet, and discuss the state of their relationship. (CoE eBook: Signs from Heaven)

The two met about a month later in San Francisco. During this rendezvous, Mark realized that Faulwell was incapable of a real relationship with him, and left. (CoE eBook: Ghost)

Anthony Mark was a fan of Neo-Gothic literature of the early 24th century (SCE eBook: War Stories, Book 2), and of 20th century noir detective fiction. (SCE eBook: Echoes of Coventry)

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