Anton York served as the 45th President of the United States of America.

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In the 23rd century, historian Alexander Lazarus created an android replica of York on planet Gamma Alpha V, along with many other significant humans from throughout history. This android, like other androids of Lazarus, created a city on Gamma Alpha V. He was likely destroyed in the explosion of Gamma Alpha V on Stardate 10:26.3. (TOS comic: "The Legacy of Lazarus")

This comic was published in 1971, during the first term of the 37th president, Richard Nixon. Anton York was likely intended to have been elected between 2000 (assuming single terms for his eight immediate predecessors) and 2032 (assuming two terms for the previous eight presidents).
Accepting "real-life" history, York would have been the successor of President Barack Obama, who was the 44th president. In 2017, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States, in contradiction of the backstory of York. Unfortunately, a man by the name of "Anton York" has yet to enter the political spotlight. Also, his style of clothing has yet to have any real-life counterpart in the department of modern formal attire.
This character shares a name with Anton York, a character in fiction written by Eando Binder.

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