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Antonio Delgado was a Human Starfleet officer during the 23rd century.

In the year 2266, Delgado served as the deputy chief of Starfleet Science Operations after he transferred from Starfleet Intelligence. Delgado used his new position to study time travel and was responsible for debriefing James T. Kirk and Spock following the USS Enterprise's trip to 1969.

In 2267, Delgado met Kirk and Spock at Starbase 12 to debrief them following their discovery of the Guardian of Forever. At this meeting Kirk advocated more restraint in temporal research and restrictions on the use of the Guardian while Delgado advocated more research and use of the Guardian for research.

In 2268, Delgado dispatched the Enterprise on a research mission to study how humanity survived in the 1960s. This mission followed unsuccessful attempts by Delgado's research team to imitate the Enterprise's slingshot maneuver with unmanned probes. The lack of success led Delgado to believe the Enterprise was the only vessel capable of time travel and thus to the mission. Following the mission, Delgado determined it to be a great success and planned to advocate greater research in time travel.

In 2269, Delgado's research into time travel was given civilian oversight with the creation of the Chronal Assessment Committee. Delgado requested that the committee approve further temporal research and was eventually successful, with Meijan Grey leading an effort to study history through the Guardian of Forever. Later the same year, Delgado was promoted from commodore to rear admiral and was given the post of Chief of Starfleet Science Operations. In this position, he worked closely with the nascent Federation Department of Temporal Investigations.

In 2275, Delgado transferred to the staff of President Chab jav Lorg after he was caught misappropriating Vedala technology in an effort to create a working timeship. He retired from Starfleet a year later. (DTI novel: Forgotten History)

Delgado is named for Roger Delgado and Anthony Ainley, two actors who have played The Master on the television series Doctor Who.