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The Antos system is a star system in the Alpha Quadrant, inside Federation space. It is the location of the planet Antos IV, homeworld of the Antosians.

The location provided in FASA RPG module: The Federation places this system near Starbase 15 and Memory Alpha.
  • Antos (primary)
The primary has been identified as Socratii by FASA RPG module: The Federation and Kappa Delphini by ST reference: Star Charts.
    • Antos I
    • Antos II
    • Antos III
      • 2 moons
    • Antos IV (Dorafane)
FASA RPG module: The Federation claims there are five moons, while ST reference: The Worlds of the Federation claims there are none.
    • Antos V
      • 17 moons (the third moon is called Sowtha)

Astronomical data Edit

Antos is a Class G yellow giant star with a magnitude of -3.

Antos III is Class K with a tenuous atmosphere and some surface water. These conditions support some primitive invertebrate life and simple plants.

Antos V is a gas giant.

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