Anzar was a male humanoid born in the 23rd century. He was a criminal who ransomed the biomagnetic recordings of the planet Styra.

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Anzar was a trader and second-rate entertainer. He played the budupaphone and performed comedy on backwater planets along with his sister Allura. Authorities often suspected him of criminal activity but could never prove anything.

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In 2267, at his request, Allura stole the biomagnetic recording of the planet Styra out of a safe aboard the USS Enterprise. Anzar's spacecraft retrieved her. He then held the planet and its population for a ransom of 100 million in credits or precious jewels and rare metals. Azura and Allura hid out in a cave on Lurota with at least six armed security guards. James T. Kirk and Spock met with him to negotiate for the planet's release, and was tricked twice with a Trojan horse ploy. Anzar disliked dogs and surrendered when accosted by a reconstituted schnauzer.

He became a raving lunatic afterward. Treatments were expected to follow, including chemotherapy, psychoprofiles and psychological reconditioning. (TOS comic: "The Hijacked Planet")

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