Aphrodite was one of the omnipotent Beings who visited Earth thousands of years ago, where she was worshipped by the Greeks as the goddess of love and beauty.

She was the sister of Apollo.

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Apollo told Carolyn Palamas that Aphrodite was feeling unusually generous when she gave Carolyn her beauty. (TOS novelization: Who Mourns for Adonais?)

In the 1990s, Khan observed as a colonist dove into a body of water, then “rose like Aphrodite from the surf,” screaming as her skin dissolved from caustic chemicals. (TOS novel: To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh)

Parmen telepathically removed garlands from a marble statue of Aphrodite and levitated them to the feet of James T. Kirk and Spock, who were compelled to put them on their heads. (TOS novelization: Plato's Stepchildren)

James T. Kirk, upon seeing the newly-refitted USS Enterprise for the first time, compared her to how Aphrodite must have been when Zeus first raised her up from the sea. (TOS novelization: The Motion Picture)

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