Aramut was a Ferengi trader and supplier doing a lot of trading along the Neutral Zone. He was the first and only person to have visited Frigis; the Garidian descendants of the Followers decided to trade some animals with outside technology.

Iydia recommended him to Constable Lliksze and she was bound by the contract to supply Morassia with animals. Later she would describe him as rude, devious and barely competent, like all Ferengi, although he delivered on time.

The Constable blamed him for the mistaken tagging of a Romulan akaana boar, banned from import, as a Frednorean boar. This mistake caused Dr. Vi Hyunh-Foertsch to accuse Lliksze of smuggling in order to damage the planet's chances for Federation membership.

When Iydia's role in the smuggling was uncovered thanks to the crew of the USS Enterprise-D, Iydia left on Aramut's ship. The Enterprise decided to solve the mystery of supplying animals from Romulan space and they traced his ship at Joward III. He was not there, but Data picked up subspace induction vortices leading to the Nigold system in the Teagra sector.

Confronting Aramut's ship, Captain Jean-Luc Picard had no other choice than to threaten him with the ship's weapon. When Aramut hailed the Enterprise, Picard accused Aramut of smuggling Romulan species, to which the Ferengi responded that he is supplied from a planet called Frigis in uncharted territory. Picard also added that his friend Iydia was charged with kidnapping, and Aramut was also accused for harboring a fugitive.

Aramut agreed to beam over Iydia, and traded his innocence with information from the Romulan space. He shared his knowledge about a massive refit of the Romulan fleet: the Romulans upgraded the warp coils and added secondary power cores to many Warbirds preparing for an incursion. He also shared that there had been a rise in the price of ancient T'kon and Chodak relics in sectors near the Zone.

After having uploaded his shipment report to the Enterprise computer, William Riker concluded that the Morassian animals thought to be smuggled from Romulan space actually came from Frigis. Having checked on them in the Federation Morphology Database, these creatures were related to species from Garid. (TNG video game: A Final Unity)

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