Arandis was a female Risan who lived in the 24th century. In the 2360s and 2370s, she worked in Risa's hospitality industry.


In 2367, Curzon Dax engaged in jamaharon with Arandis, leading to his death. (DS9 episode: "Let He Who Is Without Sin...")

Curzon died in Arandis' arms. (DS9 short story: "Living on the Edge of Existence")

By 2373, Arandis had been promoted to Chief Facilitator of the Temtibi Lagoon. After the New Essentialists sabotaged Risa's weather modification network and the planet's true weather was experienced, Arandis attempted to raise the spirits of her guests. At the same time, Worf was concerned that Arandis and Jadzia Dax had renewed their relationship. Before they left, Arandis told both Jadzia and Worf she hoped to see them again, despite Worf being involved with the New Essentialists. (DS9 episode: "Let He Who Is Without Sin...")

In 2381, Arandis was still the Chief Facilitator of the Temtibi Lagoon Resort. That year, the Borg invasion prompted the government of the Risian Hedony to order an evacuation of the planet, and Arandis was amongst those evacuated. After the Borg exterminated all life from Risa's surface, Arandis found herself in a refugee camp on Pacifica. There, she worked with Starfleet to provide medical care and comfort to her fellow refugees. (TNG novel: Losing the Peace)


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