Arava was a female Human in the 24th century. She was presumably born on Deneb V, and orphaned at some point during her childhood. She was taken in by a woman named Dalal, who was employed by Nu'man al-Halak as caretaker for his two sons, Baatin and Samir.

Arava and Baatin eventually fell in love and married, and together had a son, Klar. Not long after their son's birth, Baatin was killed by the Asfar Qatala crime syndicate. Arava also found herself involved with the Qatala, despite the efforts of Dalal and Samir. For a brief time, she did manage to escape their influence, but in 2333, returned to planet Farius Prime, apparently under threat of having harm done to her son.

In 2336, Arava became acquainted with Laura Burke a Starfleet Intelligence agent investigating the Qatala as well as the Orion Syndicate on Farius Prime. Burke managed to convince Arava to leave Farius Prime with her and offer evidence to the Federation against the crime organizations. However, another associate of Arava's, Talma Pren, convinced Burke to leave Arava and take her instead. This resulted in the murder of the SI agent, and the capture of Arava by Qatala forces.

Following the death of Talma Pren, Captain Rachel Garrett negotiated with Qatala leader Mahfouz Qadir for the release of Arava and Klar. (TLE novel: Well of Souls)

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