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This article is about the Arbazans. You may be looking for the Barzans.

The Arbazan were a humanoid race and member of the Federation, described by some as being "sexually repressed." (DS9 episode: "The Forsaken")

History and specifics[]

Their homeworld was Arbaza, in the Arbazan system, in the Alpha Quadrant. (ST reference: Star Charts)

An Arbazan competed in an interplanetary gymnastics event at the University of Mississippi on Earth in 2245. (DS9 - The Lives of Dax short story: "Old Souls")

Vheman was a bronze-haired Arbazan woman who held the rank of commander by 2279. Years earlier, she had been a bunkmate with Nyota Uhura during their service aboard the Saladin-class scout USS Ahriman. (TOS novel: Living Memory)

In 2369, the Arbazan ambassador Taxco visited Deep Space 9 with ambassadors Lwaxana Troi, Lojal and Vadosia. (DS9 episode: "The Forsaken")

Known individuals[]

  • Taxco
  • Vheman

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