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There's a new player on the Promenade: a Ferengi shop-owner named Bokat. His Games Bazaar specializes in hard-to-find virtual reality computer games. He approaches Jake Sisko and Nog with a tempting offer to play a hot new game called the Zhodran Crystal Quest. No non-Zhodran player has ever won this game, but then Jake and Nog have the best scores on all the other games at the Games Bazaar. And Bokat is willing to bet on their ability to win the game, and -- as a result -- win Bokat a lucrative business deal with the Zhodrans.

But soon, kids all over the station are falling into comas, their minds trapped in an ever-changing game. Suddenly, it's up to Jake to go into the game and rescue them. If he wins, so does the Federation. If he loses, he'll be trapped forever in a deadly game with a very real Borg!




Julian BashirBokatJadzia DaxGaynorNogKeiko O'BrienMiles O'BrienOdoRomRotorBenjamin SiskoJake SiskoTalarnTena LinTommy Watson
Referenced only
Richard DaystromDhraakoQuarkRichard I of EnglandSaladinJennifer SiskoStoril


Deep Space 9Games Bazaarhabitat ringInfirmaryPromenade
Referenced only
Adirondack MountainsBajoran wormholeCelestial TempleEarthGalactic AdventuresGamma QuadrantGrand CanyonJerusalemMarsMediterranean SeaParliamentTemple of LightUtopia Planitia YardsWolf 359Zhodran

Starships and vehicles

atmospheric fighter
Referenced only
Borg cubeUSS Enterprise-DErlanUSS Saratoga

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

Bajoran MilitiaStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Starfleet Academy

Science and technology

biobedbiodetectorduotronicholodeckorbshapeshifterTholian webturboliftturboshaftvirtual realityweapon detector

Ranks and titles


Other references

11922243Andorian rock slugcreditcrossover bridgeCrown of Ultimate WisdomCrusadesDa-hahn crystaldartboardEuropeanFerengestFerengi Rules of AcquisitionFirst Crusadegold-pressed latinumOccupation of BajorpinballSecond CrusadeThird CrusadetitaniumZhodran crystal quest


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  • Diana G. Gallagher commented: "On my agent's advice, I contacted Lisa Clancy, the editor, and offered a couple of ideas over the phone. I loved Trek and didn't want to pass up a chance to be part of it. I wanted to write something that would appeal to today's kids. A twentieth-century quest-type game seemed ideal. I simply expanded on the basic concept by having the 'players' mentally captured by the game. The entire writing and publishing process for Arcade was fun and basically glitchless for everyone concerned". (Voyages of Imagination, p. 691)
  • Gallagher remains fond of Arcade: "because I'm a longtime fan of all the ST series and it launched my career as a media writer". [1]




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