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An arcology was a type of architectural structure. It was a large, environmentally-friendly habitat that could support one million residents.

History and specifics[]

These structures could reach several hundred stories and contained both industrial and residential sections along with open spaces and hydroponic gardens. (Star Trek Adventures RPG module: Beta Quadrant Sourcebook)

In 2269 at the Web of Worlds, Pavel Chekov and Hikaru Sulu visited the Fiilestii biome module, a 1000-kilometer wide structure which simulated the original planetary home of the avian race. Kilometers-high arcology towers shaped like narrow cones rose from the ground, with several disc-shaped levels embedded along it. Each disc measured dozens of meters thick, hundreds of meters in radius, and contained residences and job sites for the Fiilestii.

In 2269 James T. Kirk and Nyota Uhura toured the Tessegri module of the Web of Worlds, which at a glance resembled New York City with a larger Central Park, except that each building was an arcology shaped like a ziggurat and was surrounded by huge parkland, which was amenable for the Tessegri, who loved to walk, jog or run everywhere. Despite their massive size, the design of the arcologies directed ample light to the ground. Interiors were also spacious and well lit. The roof of the largest arcology, kilometers high, provided a stunning view of the metropolis. (TOS novel: The Face of the Unknown)

In 2277, Chekov saw illusions of four such structures he recognized from Moscow while under the influence of the Vardan illusion machine, which was being controlled by a group of archeologists. (TOS - Plot-Your-Own Adventure Stories novella: Distress Call!)

By the 24th century, many of those living in Earth's urban regions resided in arcologies. (Star Trek Adventures RPG module: Beta Quadrant Sourcebook)

In 2382, Silwaan dissenter Deshinar Tibbonel brought Julian Bashir and Sarina Douglas to her home on the planet Salavat, an arcology in level 15 of the Breen settlement Rasiuk. The structure had multiple exits, with the main entrance hall wide enough to accommodate at least 50,000 people at once. Tibbonel hid the Starfleet officers within a crowd at shift change to prevent them from being identified or tracked. She lived on the 71st floor. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Zero Sum Game)





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