Areen was a Kaylar male of the 24th century. He served as an Administrator of the Kaylar workers contracted to provide construction and repair services on Votar VII, a Federation colony world being developed as a joint venture with Rigelians in the 2360s.

In 2368, the Rigelians attempted to renegotiate their contract with the Kaylar laborers and tried to force a lower rate of compensation upon them. Areen and the Kaylar refused the terms of the new contract. In response, Areen led an assault on a dam and a power plant, "repossessing" the facility, and his subordinate Aton switched off power supplies to the colony.

As Votar was a strategically important location to the Federation, Starfleet sent the USS Enterprise-D to mediate the dispute. After early attempts at diplomacy met with resistance from the Kaylar, Lieutenant Worf and Ensign Ro Laren led a non-lethal assault on the Kaylar occupiers, but were fought off by Areen and his men, in which Areen dueled Worf with a sword. However, Areen told Worf that the Kaylar had no intention of destroying that which they'd built

Once this facts and Rigelian duplicity came to light, Worf was able to clear the waters and both sides returned to negotiations with aboard the Enterprise (TNG comic: "A Matter of Dates").

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