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Arehaz (later known as Borg Prime) was a planet located in the space of the galaxy's Delta Quadrant. (ST reference: Star Charts; ST video game: Starfleet Command III)

History and specifics

In the 46th century BC, this world's native population was known as the Kindir. In 4527 BCE, the temporally displaced Caeliar city ship Mantilis, arriving from the year 2155, crash-landed on the planet, carrying twelve Caeliar and six Humans from the United Earth vessel Columbia. It was here that the last surviving Caeliar, Sedín, her mind badly degraded, forcibly merged with the three remaining Humans, creating the first Borg. Arehaz was targeted for assimilation by the nascent Borg Collective, becoming the origin point for the Borg. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls)

In 2368, after breaking their alliance with the Borg, the Cybermen set a course for the Borg homeworld in the Delta Quadrant in order to take complete control of the Borg Collective. Ultimately, however, they were defeated before reaching their goal by the combined forces of the Doctor, the USS Enterprise-D, and surviving Borg. (TNG - Assimilation² comic: "Issue 8")

After the Borg were absorbed by the Caeliar, Arehaz was abandoned, left fertile enough to support life. The former Borg from Riley's planet were later relocated there by the crew of the USS Voyager. (VOY novel: The Eternal Tide)



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