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The Aresai (also known as the Aresians) are a species native to the Gamma Quadrant.


The Aresai are tan-skinned, red-eyed humanoids, standing several feet taller than humans. They have domed heads, with a massive upper torso sporting two long arms, ending in three clawed fingers.


The Aresai were native to the planet Ares. Their history states that centuries ago their world was filled with disparate warring factions; however with the coming of a Orb, from the Bajoran wormhole, its visions showed the Aresai to unite the warring tribes and hostile nations.

In the 24th century, they desired another Orb and thus hired Lane Crockett to deliver them the Lost Orb. Despite initially being successful in this act, the Orb was retrieved by Major Kira Nerys who managed to escape from the Aresians.

The Aresians had assembled a warfleet and intended to invade Bajor in order to claim the remaining Orbs. It was only an alliance between Commander Benjamin Sisko leading the USS Defiant along with Cardassian warships sent by Cardassian Central Command and led by Gul Skrain Dukat that the Aresians invasion was held off. In order to end hostilities, Major Kira managed to beam on-board the lead Aresian warship where she offered the Lost Orb to the warlords that ruled Ares, as the Prophets showed her in a vision that it was their will that the Aresians receive it. Ultimately, the war-like species accepted the gift and returned back to their homeworld in the Gamma Quadrant. (DS9 - The Secret of the Lost Orb comics: "The Search", "Acceptable Losses", "Gods of War")

They were present at Deep Space 9 for the trade negotiations in 2370. While Sisko was trying to pacify the various ambassadors after the bombing of Garak's store, a disturbance between the Aresai and Klingon ambassadors broke out in Ops. Both ambassadors were disputing who would kill the terrorist when he was identified. They both considered it a matter of honor. (DS9 novel: Betrayal)


This war-like species also worshiped the Prophets who they knew as the Wargods and taught them about the glory of conquest. However it appears that the Aresians misinterpreted the Prophets message of unity through a means of bloody conflict to achieve their goals.

The structure of their society is based on the belief that there are three Wargods. Thus the number three is reflected in their government, marriages and fleet tactics.


The Aresians are ruled by a triumvirate of warlords, with the head of the group being referred as Overlord. Presently their culture is facing a small resistance group of Aresians who wish to usurp power from the current regime so that they may claim the glories of war.


Aresian ships packed emergency generators. Thanks to the assistance of Crockett, they gained Cardassian technology that allowed them the capability of emitting a field inversion to bring down an enemy shields down.

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