Argala was an M class star and associated star system located in the Syllerran sector of the Vyntadi sector block in the Delta Quadrant. The sixth planet of the system was the homeworld of the Argala civilization. The system was a member of the Benthan Protectorate but also a site of criminal activities. (VOY episode: "Displaced", STO - "Friends in Unlikely Places" mission: "Wanted")


The Argala species evolved on Argala VI, a planet inhospitable to the Benthans. The Protectorate government considered terraforming Argala III and IV but was deterred by the criminal activity in the system.

In 2410, two Benthan assault cruisers and a deputized Alpha Quadrant Alliance starship jointly destroyed five waves of Kazon ships and captured the wanted criminal Maje Culleh and his flagship, the Kazon carrier Maje Culleh's Flagship. (STO - "Friends in Unlikely Places" mission: "Wanted")

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