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Map of the Argolis Cluster, 2372.

The Argolis Cluster was a region of space, a stellar cluster located in the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant, known for containing a number of protostars, as well as the planet Tagra IV. (TNG episode: "True Q")

History and specifications[]

In the year 2305, a shuttlecraft carrying Lieutenant Arex Na Eth encountered a black hole in the Argolis Cluster, flinging him seventy-one years forward to 2376. (NF short story: "The Road to Edos")

One planet in the Argolis Cluster had been colonized by Earth prior to the 2370s decade, and had lost contact with the Federation. (DS9 novel: ...Sacrifice of Angels)

In 2372, the Tohvun and Tagra systems lay within the bounds of the cluster. The Argolis Cluster was fully surrounded by Federation space but close to the Demilitarized Zone. (Star Trek Adventures (RPG) module: Alpha Quadrant Sourcebook)

The Argolis Cluster was situated close to Cardassian territory, and was a strategic site during the Dominion War. (TNG episodes: "I, Borg", "True Q", DS9 episodes: "Behind the Lines", "The Reckoning")

By 2410, the area occupied by the Argolis Cluster straddled the border of the Minos Korva and Betazed sectors. (STO - Cardassian Struggle mission: "Heading into Deep Space")

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