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The Argons (also known as Argonians) were an alien lifeform, a humanoid civilization native to a homeworld located somewhere in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants.

History and specifics[edit | edit source]

Vaguely ape-like in nature, the Argons had purplish skin and fur, and tall elongated skulls.

In the mid-23rd century, the Argons were commonly known to roam spacelanes as pirates. The Argon threat to Federation shipping was well-documented in the mid 2260s, to the point where Starfleet starships in the vicinity of Starbase 10, and elsewhere, were given intelligence reports on the military capabilities of Argon ships.

The Argons operated a type of vessel known as the Argon corsair, a sleek small combat vessel that was continuously upgraded as technology became available. Argon crews traveled aboard these vessel clothed only in their own fur, and donned clothing such as phaser-proof body armor when leaving the ships.

On stardate 3847.5, the Enterprise was diverted to enforce Federation territory against Argon raids, and disabled two-thirds of a trio of Argon attack ships. While Starbase 10 sent recovery vessels to place the disabled Argons into custody, the remaining vessel snuck a spy and troops to the ruins outside the planetside base and attempted to fool Captain Kirk into allowing their agent into his trust, giving them a mean to disable the Enterprise. Kirk saw through their plan, and lured them into his own trap for capture. (TOS comic: "The Argon Affair!")

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