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For other uses, see Argus.

Argus was a Nasgulian who rebelled against the Salla.


Like all Nasgul, he obeyed and worshiped the Salla, but he eventually decided that the Salla was insane and that he was "a madman who would destroy us all in the name of his holy vision." He attempted to dissuade his people from following the Salla, but they did not listen.

The Salla eventually discovered Argus's activities in 2287, and attempted to have Argus arrested and killed. Argus escaped in a Nasgul shuttle, but he was pursued by Kroitz of the Nasgul Space Command. Argus sought sanctuary in Federation space, where he was rescued by the USS Enterprise-A moments before Kroitz destroyed his ship. Kroitz destroyed his own vessel against the shields of the Enterprise, but that was not enough to save Argus; shortly thereafter, the Salla himself arrived and pronounced Argus dead. Argus's natural instinct of obedience to the Salla was so strong that he died on the spot of no obvious physical cause. (TOS comics: "The Return!", "The Sentence")


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