The Argus Array is a Federation subspace telescope located near Cardassian space.

In 2367, contact with a Cytherian probe caused damage to the Argus Array. The crew of the USS Enterprise were able to repair the array soon after. (TNG episode: "The Nth Degree")

The MIDAS Array was a successor to the Argus Array and was more advanced when it was brought online in 2368. (ST reference: Star Trek: Starship Spotter)

In one alternate reality experienced by Worf in 2370, the Argus Array was sabotaged by the Cardassians to spy on Federation facilities such as the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Deep Space 5, Starbase 47 and the Iadara colony. In another reality, the Argus Array was destroyed by the Cardassians; in a third reality, it was destroyed by the Bajorans. (TNG episode: "Parallels")

In 2372, the Argus Array detected subspace distortion waves coming from the Geminus Gulf. The distortions were later determined to be originating from a Romulan cloaking field designed to hide a starbase. (TNG - Section 31 novel: Rogue)

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