Ari is a 23rd century Hytaran man. He was the former President of Hytar and Nuofo.


In the 23rd century, President Ari governed both Hytar and Nuofo. His ouster was followed by a civil war between the twin planets.

In 2266 Ari landed in the shuttle bay of the Federation starship USS Enterprise and met Captain James T. Kirk. He claimed to provide Nuofon neutral markings so that Kirk could mediate in their dispute, but Kirk's ship was shot down and his landing party to Nuofo was captured. He'd betrayed Kirk; the markings had actually been Hytaran.

When a fleet of Hytaran spaceships attacked the USS Enterprise and boarding parties penetrated the hull, security teams managed to capture them. In frustration, Kirk brought Ari to the brig and showed them the prisoners. The soldiers saluted Ari, yet he did not recognize them and honestly couldn't believe they were from Hytar. Shortly afterward, a fleet of Destan spacecraft bombed Nuofo and strafed the Enterprise, revealing themselves as attempting to draw the Enterprise into the war. Ari agreed to help drive away the Destans in exchange for holding free elections.

Although Juf won the presidential election, Ari was elected as Hytar's planetary administrator. (TOS comic: "The Third Party")



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