Arithon was a member of the Caeliar race who was taken prisoner by the MACOs upon their return to the Columbia (NX-02) in 2168. After the Columbia entered a subspace tunnel, Arithon was the only being aboard able to survive the hyperphasic radiation, and set the vessel's autopilot to crash onto a nondescript planet.

Arithon eventually lost cohesion and existed aboard the Columbia alone for some time until the USS Defiant, and later the USS Aventine investigated the crash site. In 2381, Arithon, separated from the Caeliar gestalt, killed Aventine crewmen Yott and Komer purely for sustenance before making his way to the Aventine. He later killed crewman Ylacam and appropriated the runabout USS Seine, using it to emit a soliton wave and open a subspace tunnel, hoping to return to Erigol. After finding it gone, Arithon was confronted by the Aventine's senior staff and admitted his role in the deaths of the three crew members before perishing. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

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