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Four races. One galaxy. Endless strategy.Armada was a Star Trek video game, published by Activision for PC play in the year 2000.


Stardate: 53550.8:
The Dominion War is over. The three major powers of the Alpha Quadrant, once allied against a common foe, begin planning for the future. For now, an uncomfortable peace has settled in the galaxy.
On Federation planets across the galaxy, the process of recovery has begun. The USS Enterprise-E, commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, is assigned to re-establish Federation support in some of the more devastated systems of the quadrant.
On the Klingon homeworld of Qo'noS, the population grows restless for battle. Newly appointed Chancellor Martok works closely with Federation Ambassador Worf on efforts to restore the Empire to its former state of glory.
On Romulus, the Romulan Senate and its intelligence division, the Tal Shiar, conspire to tip the balance of power to their favor. Admiral Sela begins secret negotiations with unseen allies near the Klingon border.
And on the fringe of explored space, massive, metallic shapes move silently through the area, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Around them are the whispers of millions of minds working as one. The Borg have returned.


Federation Campaign[]

Mission 1: "Premonitions"[]

The USS Enterprise-E, accompanied by two Akira-class ships, must eliminate rogue Jem'Hadar attack ships in the sector, in order to secure colonization efforts. A construction ship is also present to build a permanent outpost in the system. Once all Dominion ships are destroyed, a temporal vortex is detected, and a Starfleet vessel emerges, pursued by two Borg spheres. Picard recognizes it, like he has seen it before. The vessel identifies itself as the U.S.S. Premonition, and its CO, Captain Thaddeus Demming, informs Captain Picard that a major Borg invasion is imminent. Within the hour, a force of Borg ships will attack and destroy Starbase 612, the first step to the assimilation of the Alpha Quadrant.

Mission 2: "Paradise Revisited"[]

Ambassador Worf, on temporary assignment to the Ba'ku settlement, and commanding the U.S.S. Avenger, must eliminate a force of Son'a warships intent on reclaiming the planet. He receives word of the Borg invasion, and heads to Qo'noS to gain reinforcement.

Mission 3: "Vendetta"[]

En route to Qo'noS, Worf is ambushed by Toral, and a small force of Klingon warships. Outgunned, he must traverse the Ikolis Expanse, a hazardous region of space, to escape, salvaging derelict vessels and even a Federation Starbase and Shipyard to assist along the way. In order to prevent Toral seizing the Klingon throne, Worf takes the Avenger to the location of the Sword of Kahless.

Mission 4: "Dark Omens"[]

The Enterprise arrives at Starbase 612, only to find its defense fleet in ruins and most of the station's facilities heavily damaged. The player must salvage as many ships as possible, and bring local stations back on-line in order to repel a second wave of attack, including an assault by assimilated Starfleet vessels, and eliminate the local Borg base.

Klingon Campaign[]

Mission 5: "To the Gates of Sto'vo'kor"[]

The Borg have struck at Klingon territory as well. Chancellor Martok must lead an assault on a Borg force attacking the Gamma Eridon system. Once the Borg have been eliminated, Martok heads for his command base to find out why expected reinforcements did not appear.

Mission 6: "The Enemy Within"[]

Having escaped from Worf in "Vendetta", Toral has assembled a formidable fleet, and launches an assault on Martok's starbase. The base must be held until the Avenger arrives, when Martok evacuates to the Defiant-class vessel, and leaves the sector, bound for Qo'noS, to present the Sword of Kahless to the Klingon High Council.

Mission 7: "A Good Day to Die"[]

Qo'noS is embroiled in conflict as Martok arrives aboard the Avenger. Worf's vessel is refitted with a cloaking device, and dispatched to trail Toral. Martok must attack and destroy Toral's main base. Toral manages to escape the attack, with Worf in hot pursuit...

Mission 8: "Gray Eminence"[]

Continuing from the end of "A Good Day to Die", Toral escapes to a Romulan base near the border. Martok's fleet follows behind, and launches an assault to clear the sector of all Romulan presence. With Toral and the Romulans routed, Martok announces that this is only the beginning of a larger war with the Romulans.

Romulan Campaign[]

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Borg Campaign[]

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Omega Campaign[]

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Jean-Luc PicardWorfMartokSelaLocutus of BorgThaddius DemingHawthorneJal ParSpecies 9341 mother entitySpockToral, son of DurasTos'sanOldanDaiMon Poug

Starships and vehicles[]

Species 9341 ships[]

Species 9341 Entity (Scout) • species 9341 mother entity

Borg ships[]

assembler (construction ship)
assimilator (cruiser)
collector (mining freighter)
cube (battleship)
C935-15497C935-15784C935-16448C935-16845C935-18978C935-34632C935-38424C935-38482C935-46818C935-48648C935-48962C935-54891C935-54835C935-58471C935-71967C935-73743C935-74564C935-76119C935-79244C935-84388C935-84487C935-86248C935-86287C935-94684Locutus's cube
detector (scout)
interceptor (cruiser)
sphere (cruiser)

Breen ships[]

Breen warship

Cardassian ships[]

Damar-class (destroyer)
Galor-class (battleship)

Federation ships[]

Akira-class (cruiser)
USS AndromedaUSS AntietemUSS ApacheUSS AvondaleUSS BishopUSS BonaparteUSS CentaurUSS CitadelUSS CrusaderUSS DefenderUSS DominanceUSS EndeavorUSS EssexUSS FearlessUSS GallantUSS GenevaUSS GeronimoUSS GoliathUSS HopeUSS HotspurUSS InvernessUSS JaganathUSS JeffersonUSS JubeiUSS JupiterUSS LafayetteUSS LakotaUSS MagellanUSS MalevolentUSS MerlinUSS MinotaurUSS MontgomeryUSS MorningstarUSS NautilusUSS NostromoUSS PathfinderUSS PeerlessUSS PerseusUSS PoseidonUSS RenegadeUSS RenownUSS ResilientUSS ResolutionUSS ReverantUSS ScimitarUSS SeattleUSS SpiritUSS StalingradUSS SumterUSS TemplarUSS ThunderbirdUSS ThunderchildUSS TimberwolfUSS TridentUSS TripoliUSS TrinityUSS TrojanUSS ValhallaUSS VenerableUSS VicksburgUSS VindictiveUSS WashingtonUSS Winchester
Defiant-class (destroyer)
USS AjaxUSS AlaskaUSS AlbatrossUSS AldebaranUSS ArmstrongUSS AvengerUSS BarracudaUSS BaracusUSS Baton RougeUSS ChampionUSS CheyenneUSS CobraUSS ConcordUSS CondorUSS CormirUSS CorvusUSS CrockettUSS EagleUSS EclipseUSS FalkirkUSS FargoUSS GalahadUSS GauntletUSS GawainUSS GrantUSS HalberdUSS HavocUSS HelenaUSS HornetUSS HurricaneUSS Iwo JimaUSS JavelinUSS KantUSS KingfisherUSS LawUSS LeeUSS LeyteUSS LokiUSS ManowarUSS MatadorUSS MedvedevUSS MerrimackUSS MichiganUSS MongooseUSS MonitorUSS MonsoonUSS MorganaUSS MyrmidonUSS NarcissusUSS NomadUSS PendragonUSS PleiadesUSS PotemkinUSS PythonUSS QuillonUSS RamsesUSS RavenUSS RelentlessUSS RenegadeUSS RevereUSS RockfordUSS RomeUSS Sao PauloUSS SavannahUSS ScorpionUSS SiouxUSS SiroccoUSS Snake EyesUSS SpitfireUSS StrommingUSS TenaciousUSS ThorUSS TitanUSS TreplevUSS TriumphUSS TritonUSS TsunamiUSS TurinUSS ValiantUSS VanyaUSS VictoriaUSS VigilantUSS VoltaireUSS WarspiteUSS WaspUSS WolverineUSS Zeppelin
USS AndromedaUSS ArgoUSS CitadelUSS DominanceUSS Enterprise-DUSS FrontierUSS FormidableUSS GeronimoUSS JubeiUSS MalevolentUSS OdysseyUSS OregonUSS PequodUSS PerseusUSS RenownUSS ReverantUSS ScimitarUSS TridentUSS UlyssesUSS ValhallaUSS Vindictive
USS Albert EinsteinUSS AristotleUSS BarclayUSS BellUSS BoyleUSS CousteauUSS CrickUSS CurieUSS DarwinUSS DescartesUSS EdisonUSS EuclidUSS FaradayUSS FarragutUSS FermiUSS FoucoultUSS GalileoUSS GatesUSS GodelUSS HawkingsUSS HegelUSS HeisenbergUSS HeraUSS KelvinUSS KnuthUSS NewellUSS NewtonUSS NobelUSS OckamUSS OppenheimerUSS PascalUSS PasteurUSS PavlovUSS ProximaUSS PythagorusUSS SalkUSS SchrodingerUSS SchweitzerUSS TesslaUSS TomaselliUSS WhitneyUSS Zee-MagneesUSS Zimmerman
Premonition-class (timeship)
USS Premonition
Sovereign-class (battleship)
USS AeonUSS AlexandraUSS ArchangelUSS AriesUSS AtlasUSS AvatarUSS AvalonUSS CavalierUSS ChallengerUSS DestinyUSS EnduranceUSS Enterprise-EUSS FaithfulUSS FormidableUSS HorizonUSS HyperionUSS IntegrityUSS JusticeUSS LegacyUSS LeviathanUSS MajesticUSS MidwayUSS NimitzUSS OdinUSS ProvidenceUSS SaratogaUSS SentinelUSS TempestUSS TiberiusUSS Yamato
Steamrunner-class (cruiser)
USS AlamoUSS AmsterdamUSS Appalachia IIUSS ArcadiaUSS ArchonUSS ArizonaUSS BallistaUSS BangkokUSS BenevolenceUSS BudapestUSS CairoUSS CasparsUSS CerberusUSS ChurchillUSS CimmeronUSS ColumbiaUSS DenverUSS DiligentUSS DublinUSS EnforcerUSS EurekaUSS GeorgiaUSS GettysburgUSS IcarusUSS Iron HorseUSS IroncladUSS JerusalemUSS KevlarUSS KodiakUSS KyushuUSS LexingtonUSS MarylandUSS NautilusUSS OctoberUSS PattonUSS ProtectorUSS ProtégéUSS SacramentoUSS San DiegoUSS SaviorUSS SierraUSS SolarisUSS Sun TsuUSS TrafalgarUSS TrebuchetUSS VambraceUSS WyomingUSS Zephyr
Venture-class (scout)
USS AberdeenUSS AppomattoxUSS ArrowheadUSS CalaisUSS CarbidesUSS CasablancaUSS CirceUSS ColtraneUSS CrymeaUSS DunkirkUSS DrakeUSS FirestreakUSS FletcherUSS FlyntUSS GolgothaUSS GuernicaUSS HoratioUSS JadeUSS KingstonUSS NinaUSS NobunagaUSS OrcristUSS OthelloUSS ParisUSS PartisanUSS PerthUSS PintaUSS RedoubtUSS Santa MariaUSS SerpentineUSS SkylarkUSS SpartaUSS TroyUSS VanguardUSS VizierUSS Zurich
construction ship
USS BoehmUSS BradshawUSS BravermanUSS CalatravoUSS CampbellUSS ChenUSS DalzellUSS DananUSS DavisUSS DuttonUSS EisenmanUSS ElliotUSS FrostUSS GaudiUSS GearyUSS GodardUSS HancockUSS HejdukUSS HawkinsUSS LahmanUSS LangUSS M.L. KingUSS MalamedUSS MayedaUSS MeyersUSS MooreUSS MoyesUSS MuirUSS O'TooleUSS PalladioUSS PeiUSS RaphaelUSS RobinsonUSS RoddenberryUSS ScarpaUSS ScottUSS SomersUSS SonUSS SullivanUSS TruffautUSS WaldenUSS WalkinUSS WebsterUSS WilliamsUSS WooUSS WrightUSS Zechariah
mining freighter
USS AmazonUSS ArcosUSS AthensUSS ColoradoUSS CorinthUSS DanubeUSS DelawareUSS DeliveranceUSS El CaptainUSS El DoradoUSS EverestUSS FujiUSS GangesUSS HudsonUSS KwaiUSS McKinleyUSS MekongUSS MississippiUSS MissouriUSS MongehelaUSS NileUSS OrinocoUSS RhineUSS RhoneUSS Rio GrandeUSS RubiconUSS ShastaUSS SinaiUSS St. HelenUSS TallahasseeUSS TangiersUSS TiberUSS TigrisUSS VolgaUSS Yorktown

Ferengi ships[]

D'Kora-class (marauder)

Jem'Hadar ships[]

Jem'Hadar battleship
Jem'Hadar 1st Division Battleship 1Jem'Hadar 1st Division Battleship 2Jem'Hadar 1st Division Battleship 3Jem'Hadar 1st Division Battleship 4Jem'Hadar 1st Division Battleship 5Jem'Hadar 1st Division Battleship 6Jem'Hadar 1st Division Battleship 7Jem'Hadar 1st Division Battleship 8Jem'Hadar 1st Division Battleship 9Jem'Hadar 2nd Division Battleship 1Jem'Hadar 2nd Division Battleship 2Jem'Hadar 2nd Division Battleship 3Jem'Hadar 2nd Division Battleship 4Jem'Hadar 2nd Division Battleship 5Jem'Hadar 2nd Division Battleship 6Jem'Hadar 2nd Division Battleship 7Jem'Hadar 2nd Division Battleship 8Jem'Hadar 2nd Division Battleship 9Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Battleship 1Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Battleship 2Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Battleship 3Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Battleship 4Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Battleship 5Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Battleship 6Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Battleship 7Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Battleship 8Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Battleship 9
Jem'Hadar destroyer
Jem'Hadar 1st Division Wing Destroyer 1Jem'Hadar 1st Division Wing Destroyer 2Jem'Hadar 1st Division Wing Destroyer 3Jem'Hadar 1st Division Wing Destroyer 4Jem'Hadar 1st Division Wing Destroyer 5Jem'Hadar 1st Division Wing Destroyer 6Jem'Hadar 1st Division Wing Destroyer 7Jem'Hadar 1st Division Wing Destroyer 8Jem'Hadar 1st Division Wing Destroyer 9Jem'Hadar 2nd Division Wing Destroyer 1Jem'Hadar 2nd Division Wing Destroyer 2Jem'Hadar 2nd Division Wing Destroyer 3Jem'Hadar 2nd Division Wing Destroyer 4Jem'Hadar 2nd Division Wing Destroyer 5Jem'Hadar 2nd Division Wing Destroyer 6Jem'Hadar 2nd Division Wing Destroyer 7Jem'Hadar 2nd Division Wing Destroyer 8Jem'Hadar 2nd Division Wing Destroyer 9Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Wing Destroyer 1Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Wing Destroyer 2Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Wing Destroyer 3Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Wing Destroyer 4Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Wing Destroyer 5Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Wing Destroyer 6Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Wing Destroyer 7Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Wing Destroyer 8Jem'Hadar 3rd Division Wing Destroyer 9Jem'Hadar 4th Division Wing Destroyer 1Jem'Hadar 4th Division Wing Destroyer 2Jem'Hadar 4th Division Wing Destroyer 3Jem'Hadar 4th Division Wing Destroyer 4Jem'Hadar 4th Division Wing Destroyer 5Jem'Hadar 4th Division Wing Destroyer 6Jem'Hadar 4th Division Wing Destroyer 7Jem'Hadar 4th Division Wing Destroyer 8Jem'Hadar 4th Division Wing Destroyer 9Jem'Hadar 5th Division Wing Destroyer 1Jem'Hadar 5th Division Wing Destroyer 2Jem'Hadar 5th Division Wing Destroyer 3Jem'Hadar 5th Division Wing Destroyer 4Jem'Hadar 5th Division Wing Destroyer 5Jem'Hadar 5th Division Wing Destroyer 6Jem'Hadar 5th Division Wing Destroyer 7Jem'Hadar 5th Division Wing Destroyer 8Jem'Hadar 5th Division Wing Destroyer 9

Klingon ships[]

B'rel-class (bird-of-prey destroyer)
IKS Begh'poQIKS BImoqu' IKS BInepIKS BI'ngo' IKS BIQ'a'ngo' IKS BllughIKS Chong'poghIKS Dakh'yi'DILIKS Deb'choSIKS Doh' IKS Do'Ha' IKS Dom'SISIKS Dun'wo' IKS Duy'HubIKS Ghar'QotlhIKS Gho'be' IKS Ghoch'raghIKS GhoH'SotIKS Hegh'QeDpIKS Hijol'pengIKS Hob'DISIKS Huj'a'SIpIKS Hurgh'raghIKS HuS'ngebIKS Jib'lalDanIKS Jiyajbe' IKS Jol ylchu'IKS JuS'mungIKS LoS'maHIKS Luq'arghIKS MajQa'be' IKS Maw'HeSwI' IKS Mich'paghIKS NaS'puchpa' IKS Nay'parIKS PiqaD'nemIKS Qap'gharghIKS Qo' IKS Qugh'tungIKS QuHvaj'QobIKS Qul'bIQIKS Quoc'TruongIKS Qup'SoHIKS Qut'SuchIKS RaQpo'juSIKS Sap'lengIKS SID'ghomIKS TaD'moHIKS TajHu' IKS Tar'be' IKS TIH'HichIKS TIQ'IwSevIKS TlhIH'HuIKS Tu'a'ropIKS VIghajbe' IKS Vut'bolIKS Wuv'a'temIKS Yaj'a' IKS YijatlhQo' IKS Ylje'
IKS HoH'bIHIKS 'Iw'pubIKS Jach'SajIKS JIH'wIvIKS JorwI'apoqIKS LeSpoH'qI' IKS Nagh'SISIKS NgeH'che' IKS NI'yINIKS Non'urghIKS Pol'QujIKS Qun'jIHIKS Qut'a'DolIKS Sup'tIchIKS WIH'HotlhIKS YepHa'Hub
IKS Qaw'Hoch
Negh'Var-class (battleship)
IKS BajnISlu' IKS ChangIKS Ghol'quSIKS GhuH'novIKS Giz'ta'bekIKS HI'a'pImIKS Ho'a'chaIDIKS JeH'jhongIKS KempecIKS KolothIKS Loj'boqIKS LoS'SaDIKS Ma'tlhejIKS Nov'HochIKS Pe"eghIKS Pey'SuqIKS PoHmey'vavIKS QaStaHvISIKS QetboghIKS QIghpejIKS Satlh'QaHIKS Ta'romIKS Vangshu'a' IKS Yinlu'taHIKS Sword of KahlessToral's battleship
NuQ'DuJ-class (scout)
IKS JoS'ghomIKS Lij'QuchIKS Majbe'HOMIKS Meb'avwI' IKS NobHIvje' IKS QIbHeSIKS Qib'veQIKS Sip'a'jorIKS SuD'molIKS TlhaQQuchIKS TaDmoHIKS VavnI'pI
SuQ'jagh-class (cruiser)
IKS Chal'QongIKS Chep'QanIKS ChoH'yovIKS CholjaHIKS Chop'jIVIKS Dom'SISIKS Ghobe'mImIKS HoDDISloDIKS Hoj'lopIKS Huj'jawIKS Jot'raQIKS LaD'chuqIKS Lam'ngorIKS Let'yobIKS LoSpev'bupIKS Lum'woQIKS Mach'valIKS NeH'a'veSIKS Ngeb'meHIKS Ngup'HoDIKS PeD'vajIKS Pongbe'HomIKS Pu'beHIKS Pu'wanIIKS Qap'nuqIKS Sap'wotIKS Sol'um'yu' IKS SuS'a'ghorIKS Tiq'a'lujIKS ToD'qeHIKS Tun'SubIKS VuS'tlheghIKS WeH'tlhojIKS WuQIKS YepHa'HomIKS YuQHom
Vor'cha-class (cruiser)
IKS 'Ach loDnI' IKS Bej'joqIKS BighHa' IKS BortaS'tejIKS Chen'a'meQIKS DaQ'QatIKS DaSpu'DalIKS Dop'puSIKS Hej'lengIKS HoSghajIKS Hurgh'a' IKS JaqHomIKS JorwI'HeghIKS LengwI'qetIKS MaHmuSSoHIKS May'morghIKS Mep'reHIKS Nagh'nuSIKS Nav'DonIKS Nong'ngIvIKS PIvghorIKS Poj'qumpaIKS Qap'HurghIKS Qay'lIngIKS Qigh'yoDIKS Qit'ongIKS Qogh'a'HuyIKS QueloDmI' IKS RoghvaHIKS SIH'chorIKS 'TlhuHIKS VatlhvI' IKS Vum'gharghIKS Vup'QujIKS Waq'bachIKS Yab'loD
construction ship
IKS DeghwI' IKS Maj'targhIKS Min'QOMIKS MoDtIqIKS Nuj'ghichIKS TlhIb' IKS TujyopwaHIKS Vatlh'pI
dilithium freighter
prison barge

Romulan ships[]

D'deridex-class (battleship warbird)
AntiusAraramD'desedexD'entinD'ereqDevorasD'seretD'teresD'varianD'vinnIrixJ'paxMereidexS'temaT'deretT'dirT'salvanV'ashanV'relaVrelnecSela's warbird
Griffin-class (cruiser)
Raptor-class (cruiser)
Shrike-class (destroyer)
Talon-class (scout)
Romulan construction ship (construction ship)
Romulan mining freighter (mining freighter)
omega containment vessel

Son'a ships[]

Son'a battleship
GasalaHuthanoJalak SuKelorathLopasanNerathoQuhthoRoanthaTelena
Son'a destroyer

Stations and outposts[]

Borg stations[]

advanced assembly matrix (shipyard)
assembly matrix (shipyard)
modification center (research station)
nexus (starbase)
processing node (mining station)
technology node (research station)
transwarp gate
Unimatrix 001omega containment facilityDominion cloning facility

Cardassian stations[]

Cardassian shipyard
Entek ShipyardTeken ShipyardDakol ShipyardBerak ShipyardRejal ShipyardKornek ShipyardMakbar ShipyardBelor ShipyardKeleras ShipyardKevanak ShipyardDesark ShipyardPrellak ShipyardDraxon ShipyardPrekon ShipyardVeridon ShipyardKezaran ShipyardTeraxa ShipyardGrevik ShipyardCrovax ShipyardRaxarek ShipyardTulkes ShipyardKarmak ShipyardAntharn ShipyardKelak Shipyard

Dominion stations[]

Dominion cloning facilityDominion research facilityDominion Shipyard Station Alpha (Dominion shipyard)

Federation stations[]

advanced shipyard
Altair Prime ShipyardBarcon Prime ShipyardBolarus Prime ShipyardCestus Prime ShipyardIdran Prime ShipyardInvernia Prime ShipyardJanus Prime ShipyardLedonia Prime ShipyardTellar Prime Shipyard
mining station
Mining Station AlphaMining Station BetaMining Station GammaMining Station DeltaMining Station OmicronMining Station ThetaMining Station Epsilon
research facility
Avogadro CenterBrahms CenterCochrane CenterDaystrom CenterDoppler CenterFrege CenterPlanck CenterSoong Center
science station
Asimov CenterBradbury CenterBova CenterBrin CenterChriton CenterClark CenterGibson CenterHeinlein CenterHuxley CenterNiven CenterPournelle CenterSagan CenterSimmons CenterVerne CenterWelles Center
Acamar Prime ShipyardAldea Prime ShipyardAndoria Prime ShipyardBarisa Prime ShipyardCalder Prime ShipyardDenocet Prime ShipyardDytallix Prime ShipyardErabus Prime ShipyardFinnea Prime ShipyardGalor Prime ShipyardIyaar Prime ShipyardMeldrar Prime ShipyardMinos Prime ShipyardMoriya Prime ShipyardNausicaa Prime ShipyardOyarsa Prime ShipyardQualor Prime ShipyardTau Ceti Prime ShipyardTaurus Prime ShipyardTessen Prime ShipyardUtopia Planitia Fleet Yards
Starbase 11Starbase 12Starbase 17Starbase 27Starbase 28Starbase 34Starbase 40Starbase 44Starbase 62Starbase 64Starbase 67Starbase 69Starbase 72Starbase 77Starbase 82Starbase 86Starbase 93Starbase 99Starbase 102Starbase 106Starbase 123Starbase 152Starbase 162Starbase 173Starbase 182Starbase 252Starbase 260Starbase 263Starbase 268Starbase 303Starbase 312Starbase 344Starbase 357Starbase 383Starbase 411Starbase 412Starbase 419Starbase 420Starbase 422Starbase 452Starbase 473Starbase 521Starbase 523Starbase 528Starbase 612Starbase 623Starbase 693Starbase 823Starfleet Headquarters
temporal research facility
Manheim Center

Ferengi stations[]

Ferengi shipyard
Garvan ShipyardHartan ShipyardKarluk ShipyardKeechvar ShipyardKekron ShipyardKrayton ShipyardKreechta ShipyardVarkart ShipyardZarlax Shipyard

Klingon stations[]

Klingon starbase
ejyo'wawMartok's starbase
cha'puj TlhIl (Klingon dilithium refinery) • Klingon prison colonynuH botlh (Klingon weapons center) • QeD botlh (Gre'thor Armory) • Qab'a'Qach (shockwave station) • Duj Qach, Duj'a'Qach (Klingon shipyards)

Romulan stations[]

Romulan shipyard
T'sau PrimeGaius PrimeHasdrabar PrimePraxus PrimeVelesh Prime (advanced shipyard)
D'deras Station (Romulan starbase) • S'klar Station (mining facility) • D'lerex Station (covert ops facility) • Tal Shiar facilityD'deralax Station (phoenix facility)


Planets and planetoids[]

Acamar PrimeAldea PrimeAlpha Theta VIAltair PrimeAndoria PrimeBarcon PrimeBarisa PrimeBeta LankalBolarus PrimeCalder PrimeCestus PrimeDenocet PrimeDytallix PrimeEarthErabus PrimeEridon PrimeFinnea PrimeGalor PrimeIdran PrimeInvernia PrimeIyaar PrimeJanus PrimeLedonia PrimeMeldrar PrimeMinos PrimeMoriya PrimeNausicaa PrimeOyarsa PrimeQo'nosQualor PrimeRegula IITau Ceti PrimeTaurus PrimeTellar PrimeTessen PrimeT'sau PrimeGaius PrimeHasdrabar PrimePraxus PrimeVelesh Prime

Stars and star systems[]

Ba'ku systemDevron system • Krios systemNarendra system

Stellar regions[]

Alpha QuadrantBarisa sectorBeta QuadrantBriar PatchDelta QuadrantGamma Eridon sectorGamma QuadrantIkolis ExpansePleiadus ClusterRomulan Neutral Zone

Science and classification[]

nebular classificationplanetplanetoidquadrantsectorspacestarstar systemtechnologyweapon

Nebular classification[]

cerulean nebulalatinum nebulametaphasic nebulaprotostellar nebulatachyon nebularadioactive nebulametreon nebula

Technology and weapons[]

ion cannonion weaponpolaron torpedopoint defense phaserspace stationstarship

Races and cultures[]

HumanKlingonRomulanBorgFerengiJem'HadarBreenSon'aSpecies 9341

States and organizations[]

United Federation of PlanetsStarfleetStarfleet CommandKlingon EmpireRomulan Star EmpireTal ShiarBorg CollectiveCardassian UnionFerengi AllianceFerengi Latinum ConsortiumDominionBreen Confederacy

Other references[]

governmentnation-stateraces and culturesscience


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