Armek of Borg was a male Klingon, an assimilated Borg drone in Borg Collective service in the early 25th century. In 2409, Armek was the strongest tactical drone of Vorn II. (STO - The Cure mission: "Cure Applied")


In 2409, the IKS Kang led the Seventh Fleet into the Vorn system to retake it from the Collective. The fleet and its personnel were assimilated, except for the Kang. Captain Ja'rod, son of Torg, was held prisoner by Armek of Borg on the surface of Vorn II. By this time, Armek was a tactical drone with the position of elite tactical drone.

An Allied task force of five ships arrived in the system to render aid to the Kang survivors. Their commanding officers beamed down to Vorn II, outside the Collective's shield and force field perimeters. The away team fought its way past numerous Borg drones and Collective defenses, and engaged Armek of Borg in a lengthy combat of attrition, to which Armek eventually succumbed. (STO - The Cure mission: "Cure Applied")

Ja'rod returned to the Kang, which was defended by the task force against the entire might of the assimilated Seventh Fleet. With the defeat of the assimilated carrier, the Borg presence in the system had been reduced. (STO - The Cure mission: "Cure Found")

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