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In [[2367]], [[Lieutenant Commander]] informed [[Ishara Yar]] of her sister's fate during a visit to [[Turkana IV]]. ({{e|TNG|{{ed|Legacy}}}})
In [[2367]], [[Lieutenant Commander]] informed [[Ishara Yar]] of her sister's fate during a visit to [[Turkana IV]]. ({{e|TNG|{{ed|Legacy}}}})
In [[2379]], [[Q]] conjured several copies of Armus to combat the crews of [[Captain]]s Picard, [[James T. Kirk|Kirk]], [[Kathryn Janeway|Janeway]], and [[Benjamin Sisko|Sisko]] during his God War. (''[[ST]]'' - ''[[The Q Conflict]]'' [[comic]]: "[[The Q Conflict, Issue 6|Issue 6]]")
{{majorspoiler|episode|No Small Parts}}
{{majorspoiler|episode|No Small Parts}}

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Armus imitating a humanoid.

Armus was a male non-humanoid lifeform, a malevolent and amorphous skin of evil[1] created from the cast-off negative emotions of a race of Titans previously native to Vagra II. (TNG episode: "Skin of Evil")

Biography[edit | edit source]

Armus in 2364.

Armus was created as a by-product of a procedure in which the planet's original inhabitants brought out from within themselves all evil and negative attributes that had bound them to destructiveness. The unwanted substance spread and coalesced into a dank, vile, liquid-like second skin. The race rejected this "skin of evil" and abandoned it on the barren planet Vagra II in the Zed Lapis sector.

In the year 2364, the Federation made first contact with a skin of evil when the Starfleet starship USS Enterprise attempted to recover Shuttlecraft 13, which Armus had forced to crash on his world. Armus held the shuttle's crew hostage, and killed the Enterprise security chief, Lieutenant Tasha Yar. Captain Jean-Luc Picard outwitted Armus to rescue the shuttle crew and his away team. A torpedo destroyed Shuttlecraft 13, and the planet was quarantined, leaving Armus in isolation. (TNG episode: "Skin of Evil")

Armus salvaged what little he could of Shuttlecraft 13. (ST - Strange New Worlds VII short story: "Guardians")

Commander William T. Riker, who had been a member of the away team, relived the memory after falling ill on a mission to Surata IV. (TNG episode: "Shades of Gray")

In 2367, Lieutenant Commander informed Ishara Yar of her sister's fate during a visit to Turkana IV. (TNG episode: "Legacy")

In 2379, Q conjured several copies of Armus to combat the crews of Captains Picard, Kirk, Janeway, and Sisko during his God War. (ST - The Q Conflict comic: "Issue 6")

WARNING! This article contains MAJOR spoilers for the recently released episode No Small Parts. Caution is advised.

In 2380, an angry Ensign Beckett Mariner threatened to feed Brad Boimler to an Armus for accepting a promotion to Riker's ship, the USS Titan. (LD episode: "No Small Parts")

Thousands of years later, an automated explorer with a rudimentary mechanical consciousness crashed on Vagra II. Building from its wreckage and Shuttlecraft 13, Armus constructed his own vessel and escaped his homeworld.

In the year 22,862, Armus's ship reached the Rock of Ages, the site of the Guardian of Forever and a Horta colony. Armus fought and killed Hortas who defended the Guardian. Several Horta sacrificed themselves to isolate Armus on a plinth and tunneling towards the planet's core. Armus fell to his death. (ST - Strange New Worlds VII short story: "Guardians")

Alternate timelines[edit | edit source]

In the Yesterday's Enterprise timeline, Tasha Yar was not killed by Armus, and remained security chief of the Enterprise-D until 2366. She learned from the psychic bartender Guinan that she had died "a meaningless death" in the prime universe. (TNG episode: "Yesterday's Enterprise")

In an alternate timeline thrown into disarray by the temporal anomaly crisis, versions of Armus arrived in local space and joined the Federation as acting Starfleet personnel. These versions of Armus were villainous, desperate, brutal, capable of telekinesisand skilled survivalists. Armus was particularly adept in the field of command, security and science. During away missions, Armus carried Yar's phaser and a modified polaron emitter. (ST video game: Timelines 2018 mission: "The Gauntlet")

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