Arnet the Thoughtful was an Orion man of the 13th century. He was the third and last emperor of the Orion Empire.

After the death of Emperor Renat the Old on reference stardate −9/3203.07, his nephew Arnet succeeded him to the throne. However, like the previous emperors, he reigned over a period of general turbulence in the Colonies, in the darkest days of the Reverse. One of his first acts was to implement the reforms conceived by Renat. However, soon after, a civil war at Votannis resulted in a massacre of over 40 million people, including 23.1 million Orions and the genocide of the native Trunes.

He also presided over the final acts of the Dispossession, as the Botchok Planetary Congress (BPC) and representatives of the Orion Colonies met on Kammzdast around stardate −8/205 to discuss how to deal with the Grey Orions. This resulted in a revision of the Codex Orion and the Grey Orions being wiped from Orion history.

Though not explicitly mentioned, Arnet's role as emperor and leader of the BPC at the time implies his involvement in the meeting, if not responsibility.

Arnet planned to restore the old Orion way of life, and to this end he abdicated on stardate −8/8803.17. However, he disappeared before nightfall and his family was rounded up and killed. He was the last of the Three Emperors, and afterwards the BPC didn't seek another. This was the end of the Orion Empire. They restored order on Botchok and thereafter ignored the troubles of the Colonies.

In the 23rd century, the House of Thylaster, the ruling royal family of B'Morgia, traced its lineage to Arnet. (FASA RPG - The Orions module: Book of Common Knowledge)

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