Regulus II, also known as Osiris or Arodi, was a planet, the second in the Regulus star system. This planet was so named as Osiris by the inhabitants of nearby Regulus III. (TOS - Star Trek II Short Stories short story: "The Blaze of Glory")

Regulus II was the location of a civilization of reptilian bipeds, who referred to their world as Arodi. As of the mid-24th century, the reptilians of Arodi were not Federation members, but they had arranged to play host to a Human colony on their world, with 16,000 inhabitants engaging in peaceful trade with the Regulus natives and the Federation.

Regulus II is one of two worlds that plays host to a population of Regulan bloodworms. These animals are hazardous, but the inhabitants of the world are afforded a measure of safety due to the dark, damp habitats the blood worms prefer. (ST reference: The Worlds of the Federation)

In 2376, Regulus II was noted as the host location of a current or past marathon. (ST - New Worlds, New Civilizations short story: "The Footfalls of Tradition")



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