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Aron Eisenberg.

Aron Eisenberg's author signature.

Aron Eisenberg (19692019) was a American actor who is best known to Star Trek fans for playing Nog in all seven seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Eisenberg also voiced Nog in Star Trek: Online, wrote a comic and was active in the convention circuit and other aspects of Star Trek fandom.


Besides playing Nog in episodes and the STO games, Eisenberg's other characters include a Kazon youth in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Initiations", a Harlem newspaper vendor in "Far Beyond the Stars" and a holosuite character seen in the background of Vic Fontaine's lounge in "What You Leave Behind".

Eisenberg holds the record for the highest number of appearances for a recurring character in DS9, with appearances in forty-seven episodes, including the feature-length pilot "Emissary" and feature-length finale "What You Leave Behind".

In 1995, Eisenberg wrote "The Rules of Diplomacy", a Malibu DS9 comic that saw Nog escort the Klingon Gronn to Ferenginar.

Eisenberg did a sort of reprisal of his role as Nog for the documentary "What We Left Behind", as well as a guest appearance in the fan fiction series Star Trek Renegades.

In 2019, Eisenberg was hospitalized for medical issues relating to an earlier organ transplant. He passed away on 21 September 2019.


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