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Captain's personal log, USS Excelsior, stardate 8988.3 
After our recent encounters with the Grond, Ajir, and the Romulan incident, the crew has settled into a normal routine as we continue to test the Excelsior's performance. Still, I am restless, perhap I crave action at a time when I should be beginning a normal day aboard the ship.
Sulu seems to have a lady friend. Maybe he has the right idea and it's just what I Need to snap this feeling.

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William BearclawNancy BrycePavel ChekovGorinJames T. KirkKonomLeonard McCoyMaria MorelliRogetSaavikMontgomery ScottHikaru SuluNyota Uhura

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USS Excelsior

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  • For the first time since the changeover following the release of The Search for Spock, the cover art shows Saavik as depicted with straight hair, rather than the curly hair from her last movie appearance.

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