Arreed was a male homesteader on Nimbus III who lived in the 23rd century. He was armed with a pipe gun and a knife.

In 2282 Arreed had been sentenced for his role in weapons smuggling into the Federation. He was given a choice of 15-20 years in rehab or homesteading on Nimbus III. Since this was before the drought had hit, Arreed's Defense attorney recommended the homesteading and Arreed agreed that it sounded like a good idea. After the drought made it impossible to be a farmer, Arreed discovered that there were no resources on Nimbus III to make a living as a miner. This made him bitter and he vowed to make his Rigellian defense attorney suffer if he ever made it off the planet.

By 2287 Arreed had joined up with a band of thieves led by Jesha. Jesha had fallen under the influence of Sybok and had the band join the Galactic Army of Light. Eventually every member of the group had gone to see Sybok except for Arreed. Arreed didn't care about having his pain removed, only about being fed. Since joining Sybok's group Arreed found that they were not lacking supplies, so he followed willingly instead of being converted.

After the Galactic Army of Light took over Paradise City, Arreed was sent with a patrol group around the city. When word reached the patrol that the army was about to take control of a Starfleet starship that was now in orbit, the team started drinking the alcohol that Jesha had liberated from the Paradise Saloon. The patrol became drunk and failed to notice the nearby landing of the shuttle Galileo. In an effort to avoid Arreed's patrol, Commander Nyota Uhura performed a distracting dance. This allowed the rescue team to capture the squad and steal their tsemu riding mounts. (TOS movie, novelization & comic adaptation: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier)

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