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The arrenhe'hwiua was a type of technology developed by the Romulan Star Empire in the mid 22nd century.


A spinoff of the telepresence equipment that was used to create the drone ship, the telecapture system allowed the Romulans to remotely take over the systems of an enemy starship. Once used, the technology began to slowly take over the enemy ship's systems with propulsion, weapons and communications targeted first. Eventually, the telecapture system allowed control over the life support allowing the Romulans to deactivate the environmental systems of the ship leaving the crew unconscious.

At least two telecapture systems were intended to be deployed in each Romulan fleet.


First developed in 2155, the telecapture system was used by the Romulans to take over ships belonging to the Klingon Empire. Through the use of the technology, the Star Empire was able to secure control of three Klingon vessels whose crews were kept barely alive by influencing the vessels' life support systems. Thus, enemy ships that scanned the Klingon ships would see Klingon life signs and not suspect Romulan involvement.

The three ships were used to attack the planet Draylax but were destroyed by the United Earth Starfleet and elements of the Klingon Defense Force. Despite the destruction of the captured ships, the Romulans had succeeded in creating tensions between the Klingons and the Coalition of Planets, who saw the attack as a sign of renewed Klingon aggression.

In addition to this, the arrenhe'hwiua was used to capture several Vulcan ships and used them against Coalition assets in an attempt to fracture the alliance formed between Earth, Andoria, Tellar, Vulcan, Alpha Centauri and the recently inducted world of Draylax. The Romulans then spearheaded an attack on Calder II where they established a beachhead after the Enterprise had to abandon the freighter ECS Kobayashi Maru in order to prevent the Romulans from gaining control over a Human NX-class vessel. (ENT novel: Kobayashi Maru)

Still in 2155, the Romulans deployed the telecapture system against Vulcan vessels in the Alpha Centauri area. The Romulans used two of these captured vessels to destroy a human cargo fleet. Those two ships were destroyed by the Vulcan ships DDV T'Jal and DDV Toth which were subsequently captured by the Romulans; however the Vulcan ships destroyed themselves before the Romulans killed their crews. (ENT - The Romulan War novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)