Arten (died 2369) was a male Bajoran of the mid 24th century. He was a member of the Redemptorists, a breakaway sect that was active during the last years of and immediately following the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, and which also rejected the mainstream faith.

The Redemptorists were well known for their microassembly skills. In 2369 Arten was a member of a team that was came to Deep Space 9. This team was to assist in the refit of the station and with the installation of impulse energy buffers on vessels that were entering the wormhole. They also smuggled Hören Rygis on board the station so that he could assassinate Kira Nerys.

One of the non Bajorans that worked with the team was Chief of Operations O'Brien. When Arten expressed a favorable opinion of O'Brien, he was severely criticized by Deyreth Elt - the team's leader - for his friendliness towards a non-Bajoran. Deyreth passed on what Arten had said to Hören, and after Hören spoke to the young man he and Deyreth decided to murder Arten.

Several days after his initial meeting with Hören, Arten smuggled more supplies back to Hören. During this second meeting, Arten was killed, stabbed by Deyreth. After the death Arten's body was placed with gears that opened and closed the cargo bay doors, with the idea that the door gears would destroy the body. What Hören and his followers were unaware of was that the gears had sensors built in to detect organic matter and that they would not function if there was an organic obstruction. This led the station's crew to discover Arten's body. (DS9 novel: Bloodletter)

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