The Arthur Trill building was a seven-story building, built in the 1920s, just off Fifth Avenue in New York City. Several of the floors were leased to magazine companies, all of which used a single linotronic machine. The ground floor was the office of an automobile magazine (although there were rumors the photo room was used to take pictures of an "intimate" nature), the second was the office of a fashion magazine and the third housed a trade rag for real estate salesmen. The sixth floor contained the offices of Incredible Tales of Scientific Wonder. (DS9 novelization: Far Beyond the Stars)

In 1953, Benny Russell was attacked by Burt Ryan and Kevin Mulkahey just outside the Arthur Trill building. Russell was later put onto an ambulance outside the building after his breakdown. (DS9 episode: "Far Beyond the Stars")

In 1955, Cassie Johnson sought out Kay Eaton as she left the Incredible Tales offices at the Arthur Trill building. (ST - Typhon Pact novels: Plagues of Night, Raise the Dawn)

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