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"I shouldn't be here. I should be an activated Klingon spy. Behind bars, or dead. Michael, the reason it didn't take, the reason L'Rell couldn't get through to me, that was you. Did Ash Tyler love you? Hell yes he did. And I can't find my way back without you."
"Ash Tyler" to Michael Burnham, 2257[src]

Ash Tyler, formerly known as Voq, was a Klingon warrior in the 23rd century. During the Federation-Klingon War of 2256-2257, Voq agreed to undergo the House of Mo'Kai's choH'a' surgery, in order to appear Human. Voq's DNA and memories were then spliced with those of a captured Starfleet officer, Ash Tyler.(DSC episode: "Will You Take My Hand?")


After Voq was marooned on the USS Shenzhou, L'Rell then took him to the matriarchs of the House of Mo'Kai. Once there, Voq agreed to under go choH'a' surgery. Voq's DNA and memories were then spliced with Starfleet officer, Ash Tyler. Following the surgery, "Tyler" believed he had spent 227 days aboard a prison ship. During that time, "Tyler" shared a cell with Harry Mudd. (DSC episode: "Choose Your Pain")

In December of 2256, "Tyler" and Mudd were then joined by the USS Discovery's captain, Gabriel Lorca. Together, both of them escaped using a Klingon raider to return to Discovery. A week later, Lorca offered him the position of Discovery's. (DSC episode: "Choose Your Pain")

Following the end of the War, Tyler decided to stay on Qo'noS and continue Voq's role as Torchbearer for Chancellor L'Rell. (DSC episodes: "Will You Take My Hand?", "Point of Light")

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When L'Rell was forced to fake the deaths of Tyler and her son that she had with Voq, Tyler was recruited by Philippa Georgiou in to Section 31. Tyler was assigned as Section 31's liaison to the Discovery (DSC episodes: "Point of Light", "Saints of Imperfection")

After the battle near Xahea and the apparent defeat of Control Tyler was promoted to the rank of Commander and named interim head of Section 31. Starfleet later dropped the interim from his position, making him the permanent head of 31. Tyler made it his mission to ensure that nothing like Control could ever happen again. (DSC episode: "Such Sweet Sorrow")



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