Asiram tractoring the fugitive ship

Asiram is the Garidian Warbird under captain Pentara. Similar to the Romulan D'deridex class, it lacks maneuverability but has enough firepower.

First encounter with the Enterprise Edit

Pentara's first encounter with the USS Enterprise was after the Asiram had chased a Garidian scoutship in M'kyru sector, across the Neutral Zone and into Federation space. The scoutship contained Pentara's own son Avakar, and two other fugitives, Lucana and T'bak. The occupants of the scoutship asked the Enterprise for political assylum, and were beamed onto the Enterprise. Pentara warned Jean-Luc Picard that matters between her and the scoutship occupants was an internal Garidian matter, and told Picard not to interfere. Picard then convinced her to go back to Garidian space, on the basis he would overlook her violation of the Neutral Zone if she did so.
There are several outcomes of this encounter, depending on the actions by the player. It is possible to attack and destroy the Asiram or avoid the conflict in which case the scoutship will be self-destruct to avoid capture.
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