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An assault squad boards the harvester rig Rostok

An assault squad is a small Klingon unit of personnel, akin to a Starfleet landing party or away team but with the more specific purpose of conducting an attack.

History and specifics[]

In 2254 the IKS Varchas deployed at least three assault squads to Prairie to try and capture Christopher Pike, who had crash landed there. The first squad was sent to the harvester rig Sholakov, having homed in on the vehicles long range com system, and attacked that vessel. The second squad arrived shortly after on the harvester rig Rostok and briefly captured Pike before he and the Rostok's crew resisted, allowing Pike to escape. This prompted the deployment of the third squad, led by Toth, which shot down Pike, who was then in a skimmer but lost him in the corn fields he crashed into. Because the squad was unable to track Pike due to a pattern distortion in their hand scanners the Varchas's commanding officer, Kaaj, ordered Toth's com signal be used as a weapons lock for orbital bombardment. The tactic killed Toth and his squad, but just missed killing Pike. (EV comic: "The Flat, Gold Forever")



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