Assimilation² (a subtitle of Star Trek: The Next Generation—Doctor Who) is a 2012 crossover miniseries, featuring the crew of the Enterprise-D from Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well as the Doctor and elements from the television series, Doctor Who. As an eight-part comics miniseries produced by IDW Publishing, Assimilation² that premiered in May 2012. The series was written by Scott & David Tipton, with Tony Lee, and features art by J.K. Woodward.

The series featured the Borg and the Cybermen, both cybernetic races from their respective universes that intend to assimilate Humans.

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Title/Number Issue 1 Issue 2 Issue 3 Issue 4 Issue 5 Issue 6 Issue 7 Issue 8
Scott & David Tipton with Tony Lee
J.K. Woodward, Shawn Lee, Robbie Robbins, David Messina, Giovanna Niro, Joe Corroney
May 30, 2012
June 27, 2012
July 25, 2012
August 29, 2012
September 26, 2012
October 24, 2012
November 14, 2012
December 19, 2012
Cover A

Assimilation squared
Assimilation3 Art1
Assimilation2 Issue 4 Cover A
Assimilation2 Issue 5 Cover A
Assimilation², issue 6 cover A
Assimilation², issue 7 cover A
Assimilation2Issue8 Cover A
Cover B

Assimilation2 Issue 2 Cover B
Assimilation2 Cover B
Assimilation2 Issue 4 Cover B
Assimilation2 Issue 5 Cover RI
Assimilation², issue 6 cover B
Assimilation², issue 7 cover B
Assimilation2Issue8 Cover B



A 104-page omnibus of the first four issues of Assimilation² is planned for publication in October.[1]



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