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Assimilation², Issue 8 is the untitled final issue of Assimilation², the Star Trek: The Next Generation—Doctor Who crossover comic miniseries from IDW Publishing in 2012. The story is by Scott & David Tipton, and the art is by Gordon Purcell and J.K. Woodward.

Publisher's description

The epic crossover between the two greatest science-fiction properties of all time ends here! Our heroes launch a desperate mission behind enemy lines in hopes of ending the CyberBorg threat, but there's a traitor in their midst...
After successfully retrieving the Borg Executive Library and uploading it into the Conduit, the Doctor, Captain Picard and their team used the TARDIS to board the main Cybership. They were immediately detected, attacked, and divided into two teams. Now, as everything comes to a head, a horde of Borg-enhanced Cybermen stand between them and accomplishing their mission to save the universe...


Worf and his security guards storm into the Cybership's engine room, phaser rifles blazing, while Amy Pond and Rory Williams provide cover fire. Two of the guards are killed by Cybermen, but they are all able to do enough damage to drop the ship out of warp.

Picard, Data, the Doctor and the Conduit are captured by Cybermen near the ship's bridge. Meanwhile, the USS Enterprise has caught up to the Cybership and begins permeating the ship with a gold-infused particle beam. Picard dons a respirator to avoid breathing the dust as Cybermen begin to malfunction.

The bridge is unaffected by gold exposure as they approach the Cyber-Controller, but Data and the Conduit are able to subdue it. The Doctor physically connects it to the Conduit, then uses the Cyber network to upload the Borg Executive Library and reactivate the Borg Collective. The Borg quickly program all Cyber-ships to auto destruct. The away team hurriedly evacuates back to the TARDIS.

With their mission a success, the Conduit announces that the Borg alliance with the Federation is over. Aspiring to gain the technology of time travel, he attempts to mechanically assimilate the TARDIS. Its living essence retreats into Data, and they all struggle. Worf signals wordlessly to Rory, then grabs the Conduit. Rory opens the door and Worf heaves the Conduit into the time stream. The Doctor safely returns the TARDIS to the holodeck of the Enterprise.

In Ten Forward, William T. Riker shows Beverly Crusher a photo of him playing jazz at Sisko's Creole Kitchen with Marcus Bertrand before his friend became the Conduit. Riker wonders if history will revert now that all traces of the Cybermen have been removed from their universe. The Doctor believes that the assimilation of Delta IV has been undone already, and there will no longer be a computer record of his 23rd century encounter with James T. Kirk. However, they'll retain the memories of everything that happened.

Amy, Rory and the Doctor bid everyone farewell, but the Borg have also retained memories of the encounter, and they resolve to research time travel technology in order to ensure the assimilation of the Time Lord and humanity.



Marcus BertrandConduitBeverly CrusherCyber-ControllerDataThe DoctorJean-Luc PicardAmy PondWilliam T. RikerRory WilliamsWorf
Referenced only
James T. KirkGeordi La ForgeLocutus

Starships and vehicles

CybershipUSS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class explorer) • TARDIS
Referenced only
Borg ship • USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser)


Planetary areas

Sisko's Creole Kitchen

Shipboard areas

bridgecorridorengineeringholodeckTen Forward

Races and cultures

AndroidBorg (Borg drone) • CybermanHumanKlingonTime Lord

States and organizations

Borg Collective

Science and classification

assimilationauto destructBorg Executive Librarybreathing maskcircuitrycomputer bankcyber-conversionenginemain drivePADDparticle beamphasertype-III phaser rifleshieldssonic screwdrivertechnologytime travelwarpweapon

Ranks and titles

captainchief engineercommanderlieutenantnumber one

Other references

Borg facilitybonebraindimensiongenocidegoldjazzminuteorganicsecondsleevethroattimetime streamtromboneuniverse



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Production history

19 December 2012
First released by IDW Publishing.
13 February 2013
Collected in Assimilation², Volume 2. (ISBN 9781613775516)
5 November 2013
Collected in the Assimilation² hardcover. (ISBN 9781613777824)


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