Athena Palamas was the daughter of Carolyn Palamas and the advanced being Apollo. (NF novel: Being Human)

Athena initially manifested as a non-corporeal entity and was born aboard the USS Enterprise in 2267 less than one day after conception. She and her mother disembarked at Earth Colony Nine shortly afterward. (TOS comic: "Of Woman Born")

In this story, Spock thought Palamas' baby was male. While non-corporeal, it chose an image of Apollo as its avatar.

Official records showed that Athena had a normal pregnancy and was born on Camus II in 2268. She didn't get to know her mother nor her god-like father, because she was sent to live with her aunt on Earth. Her early years were marred by constant observation and tests by Starfleet Medical to confirm if she had any god-like abilities that had been exhibited by her father.

No such powers were found, and she was allowed to live a normal life, having many children and grandchildren.

Palamas' great-grandson was Starfleet officer Mark McHenry. (NF novel: Being Human)





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