Atia was a human female from the Federation world Magna Roma alive in the mid to late 24th century. Due to her Magna Romanii upbringing, Atia spoke Federation Standard in an unusual manner. Atia was described as having classical features reminiscent of statues of women from the Roman period on Earth.

Atia joined Starfleet and by 2385 was the first officer of the Nova class hospital ship USS Lionheart. In that year the Lionheart's Captain was reassigned and Admiral William T. Riker assigned Commander Christine Vale to take the ship to her new Captain at Starbase 47. Along the way Riker asked Vale to go to Jaros II and talk to Captain Ezri Dax about what had really happened at Andor. Atia joined Vale in beaming down to Jaros II and assisted Vale in bolstering the surprise inspection story Vale had given Warden Sisterson as the reason for visiting the complex.

After leaving Jaros II Atia continued to support Vale as she decided to take the Lionheart to a classified system where Doctor Julian Bashir was being held. Realizing what was at stake, she and tactical officer Darrah Hayn decided to not act on orders from Starfleet to arrest Vale.

Upon arriving at Andoria Vale turned command of the Lionheart over to Atia. Atia revealed that she and Darrah had received orders to arrest Vale, but that she was going to report to Starfleet that she only got the orders after Vale had already departed the Lionheart. Before Vale departed for the Andorian transport Kree-thai Atia told Vale that Admiral Riker only had to call and that she and the Lionheart would be there to assist him. (ST - The Fall novel: The Poisoned Chalice)

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