Lieutenant Commander Atlee Fife was a 24th century Human man, and officer in Starfleet. Fife was the first officer of the Federation starship USS Demeter, an agrobiology ship attached to the Project Full Circle fleet. Fife was personally selected for this assignment by Admiral Willem Batiste to support Commander Liam O'Donnell.

Fife was earmarked for his own command as soon as the Full Circle fleet concluded their mission in the Delta Quadrant, but was selected for the Full Circle mission as Commander O'Donnell had reached his rank by being the foremost genetic biologist in the Federation, despite having little-to-no actual command experience. It was believed that Fife would balance out this problem in the Demeter's command hierarchy. Admiral Batiste assured Fife before the mission commenced that O'Donnell would be more then willing to defer to Fife's judgement in most tactical and command situations.

During the first contact mission with the Children of the Storm, Commander Fife disregarded orders from Captain Hosc T'Mar of the USS Planck to approach the Children of the Storm system at impulse speeds. He chose to rendezvous with the Planck at high warp, instigating the resulting conflict with the Children. (VOY novel: Children of the Storm)

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