An atlirith, or an Andorian eagle

The Atlirith (also known as an Andorian eagle) is an aerial hunter native to Andoria known for its graceful flight, powerful dives, and pinpoint accuracy.

They have an average wingspan of 2.5 meters, and weigh about 15 kg. Covered in white feathers, they inhabit glacial and mountain terrains.

Atliriths feed on small, quick, furry animals, and are capable of spotting them from hundreds of meters away, "even when the prey is little more than a tuft of white fur against a field of snow."

An ancient Andorian saying goes: "Andoria, it is said, is an atlirith tamed by Lor'Vela, but fathered by Krotus."

It is joked (yet almost certainly a fact) that the Andorians were impressed by the fact Humanity named a ship Challenger. In turn, it is joked humanity was impressed that Andoria had eagles. A deliberate reference to both species' mutual admiration of the eagle is the naming of the USS Eagle, the most famous Andorian-crewed Starfleet vessel.

The Shuralan Atlirith, or Golden Eagle is one of the highest commendations in the Andorian Defense Force. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Andorians: Among the Clans)

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